About Us

Established and Family operated since 1977, Golden Star Bakery is like Grandma's bakery. It is a place of delicious and healthy dietary cookies. We provide a variety of the same quality and taste of your favorite cookies in a fat free delight and now low carb delight.

Our ingredients are natural and FDA approved to bring you the finest quality in a healthy way. The quality and taste of our products have been proven best by our customer satisfaction, and now you can choose from the many varieties such as, the black & white and celebration cookies.

Golden Star Bakery has also helped many achieve their nutritional and weight loss goals. We are more than happy to see our customers succeed and maintenance their progress without depriving themselves of their favorite treats.

Our products are fulfilling and healthy. Enjoy them as a snack or a dessert any time.

We guarantee only the freshest and delicious cookies.


Golden Star International Inc.
2054 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn ,
NEW YORK 11234
Tel : (718) 338 - 0836
Fax: (718) 377 - 0537